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We're Talking Every Flavour of Jelly Bean!

French fries.  I love them.  Some people are chocolate and sweets people.  I love French fries.  That and caviar.

- Cameron Diaz

(but do they come in urine flavour??)

While fruity candy remains a universal favourite, more candy makers are defying traditional sensibilities to satisfy what scientists call kids' "yuck factor" - the yuckier, the better.  With the right mix of chemicals, scientists can turn a plain sweet into a lick of hamburger, horseradish or even grass, all of which are replicated in a just-out line of jelly beans fashioned by Jelly Belly after Harry Potter's favourite sweets, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.  There's also sardine (all that's missing is the can) and - achoo! - black pepper.  If you've managed to hold on to the contents of your stomach, consider these additional flavours planned for fall: dirt and vomit (yes, you read correctly).  Who dreams up such vile stuff?  "Flavourists," whose sole job it is to push the envelope of taste.

Why the heck would kids want to eat vomit candy?  Explains Diane Mora, vice president of marketing for the flavour-creating company International Flavours and Fragrances: "Because it would gross their parents out."

Some things never change.

Good 'n' yucky: Young Harry Potter fans should love
dirt, burger and horseradish flavoured candies.

Source: USA Weekend 27-29 July 2001

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