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Why I'm a Vegetarian

Recognise meat for what it really is: the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal.

- Ingrid Newkirk

I would guess that the main reason why is: 

Take pigs for instance, they are very clean animals (oh sure they roll in mud, but you know how hot it is in the summer!), they go to the bathroom as far away from where they live as possible and have a very sensitive nose (for rooting out roots) and make great (if large) pets.

Now, I would prefer that everyone was a vegetarian and all that, but hey, it's better to live for a little while than to not live at all right?  In my opinion, it is, and what I object to, is the way that they are kept, and eventually killed (I'm not saying that this is true in every instance, but in a lot of them, the following is true):

First off pigs are kept in a sty so small, that they can't even turn around, and, in terms of hygiene!  Have you ever smelled a septic tank?  It smells three times worse in a pig farm (and they have VERY sensitive snouts and HATE the smell of feces as I mentioned before).  Basically, for the pig, it's like being trapped in an airplane toilet that hasn't been cleaned for years.  If a pig gets pregnant, than they get moved to a slightly bigger pen (I.E. they can ALMOST turn around) until they give birth, and then, are moved to a pen that they can actually turn around in (if they don't mind stepping on the child!), until such time as the child can eat on his own, the mother pig is then separated from the child (did I mention that they have a strong sense of family?), and moved back to the small pens.

And, as this article says, it is very healthy.

For an article about how good pigs can be, go to Arnold, the Crime-Fighting Pig.

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