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A wolf pack includes the Alpha male and female (the leaders), beta wolves (second in rank),
several lower-ranking wolves and an omega wolf (the most playful wolf in the pack), who is often picked on by the others.

- Leslie Oelench,

Hi.  Welcome to the the Wolves page!  (More information on wolves will be added soon - I'm just getting started on this page.)

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Source: rich pickings: a Mike Williams card from The Ink Group.  See their website at and buy their cards!


 New Jersey Lakota Wolf Preserve
A page about a very nice Wolf preserve near where I live.

Lessons from the Wolf
 Bringing the top predator back to Yellowstone has triggered a cascade of unanticipated changes in the park's ecosystem

Wolves Have a Job to Do
Hundreds of people are killed each year when their car hits a deer because nothing is keeping deer numbers in check but automobiles

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