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The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

- e e cummings

The cartoons page is basically a list of the cartoons I am currently reading.  This list will be subject to change, as comic strips fall in and out of favour with me as they progress.

Source: www.gaspirtz.com

Ozy & Millie
This comic stip is now, and has been for over a year, my favourite comic strip.
Rather like Calvin & Hobbes at times, but very original.

Absurd Notions
A very good comic strip.  Quite cynical at times, always funny, often true to life.

Angst Technology
A rather standard "Geek" comic strip, regarding the day-to-day lives of the employees of
 a very strange software company.  Very funny.

Chasing the Sunset
This comic strip was only started in '03, so is a tad new, but has good writing and decent artwork,
both of which are improving with time.  Fairly standard fantasy format (elves, trolls, and so on), but very good.

Exellent science fiction comic strip with unusually good science, possibly due to the
fact that it's written by a nuclear engineer.  The funniest comic strip I know of, with
extremely good art and writing.

Kevin & Kell
Outstanding comic strip.  While not as funny as some, definitely more unique than most,
with a very odd and novel universe.  Outstanding characterisations, artwork, and story.

Nip and Tuck
One of three online comic strips written by the same person, yet very good.  Very funny,
with a very cartoonish feel to it.  Worth a read.

Tales of the Questor
Another of the three comic strips written by one person.  A decent fantasy strip.
Not one of my all time favourites, but at times interesting.  Fairly standard storyline,
and only moderately funny jokes, but both are improving as time goes on, and I will
be interested to see where this comic strip ends up.

Another comic strip written by a nuclear engineer.  Very good story, usually funny jokes,
and decent artwork.  Also some interesting science, and a regular reminder of when Agnostica Day is,
this comic strip is definitely worth a read.

Penny Arcade
A fairly focused gaming comic strip.  Lets you know all about the latest computer games with their fairly long
news posts, and supplements the posts with a comic strip.  I wouldn't recommend this site for anyone easily offended,
as it is at times quite offensive.  Really stunning artwork for an online comic though.

Real Life
The most incorrectly named comic strip on the internet.  Funny, good artwork, good story,
and a lot of caffeine in the making.

Schlock Mercenary
A Science Fiction comic strip about a group of mercenaries, and their adventures.
Very well constructed universe, with a very solid plot.  Good writing, good artwork,
 and some really interesting science.

Goblin Hollow
Another of the three comic strips written by one person.  Good story, with quite a novel plot,
funny jokes, and a rather odd view of life at times.  Worth a read.

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