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Everybody Has 'Em

The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion.

- Elizabeth Drew

This page is a collection of items which in some way represent my opinion on various matters.

Why I'm a Vegetarian
A short article I wrote on why I'm a vegetarian.

Adoption: Pitfalls and Payoffs
An essay I wrote for people who are considering this option.

Soy Boy
An article on the muscian Moby, and his diet.

A short story by Brian Aldiss.

Nutrition Diagram Falls Short
An article on the misconceptions some people have on what a healthy diet is.

One-Way Loyalty
A few articles on so called "Loyalty" cards, and how the information collected
by these cards is used to make money for the store at your expense.  Also a couple of articles
on shopping carts.

The Impossibility of Silence
An essay I wrote when I was 16 about music and the Nazis.

Japan and World War II
A talk I gave in my History of Modern East Asia class.

What I Learned in School Today
A class discussion showed most students to be selfish and uninformed.

No FInal Solution
Should anyone who wishes it be able to die?

Washinton Irving: An American Romantic
Irving’s work has come to be viewed as emblematic of the Romantic era.

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