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5 Stars

A very good game.  I would definitely give it 5 out of 5 stars, despite it's bugs.

The game is set (as the name suggests) on the Discworld, a world that should be familiar to anyone who reads Terry Pratchett (and anyone who doesn't, should, in my opinion.)  You play Lewton, the Disc's first, and very possibly last, Private Investigator.  You must puzzle your way through many obstacles, some human, some inanimate, and some that are trying to eat you.  The Noir feeling is very authentic, and well done.  You almost expect the game to be in black and white, though the fact that it is in colour actually adds to the feel, and the very good storyline helps the game move along nicely.

Unfortunately, the game has its problems too.  Like any adventure game in the style of Monkey Island and such, it's got its share of illogical puzzles, and a few interface quirks that push the puzzles from difficult to impossible without a walkthrough, but there are fewer oddball puzzles than in most adventure games.  The single worst problem is the code.  I don't know what the programmer that programmed Discworld Noir was on, but it appears to have been blue mushroom juice without betatesters.  Any game where when you're playing along normally and try and use one object on another, and it says, "I suppose it would have been easy to use the crowbar to break the glass, but that only works if you're a betatester, or if you've hacked the game" needs work. 

But the bugs aren't that bad.  You can in fact play all the way through the game okay, so it could be worse, and the storyline more than makes up for whatever bugs the game has.


Screenshot will go here one day.


Discworld Noir can be purchased online from most of the websites that stock older games.

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