Sam & Max Hit the Road.
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5 Stars

Another very good game.  Due to its age you should probably use a program like ScummVM to view it, as that not only will allow it to run on a Windows platform, it will also provide anti-aliasing support for much improved graphics.  Still, even with its age, a classic LucasArts game.  Funny, witty, and with some of the best dialogue ever.

You play as Sam, founder, owner, and one of the two members of the Freelance Police.  You and your psychotic sidekick Max are sent on a mission of the utmost importance by the Commissioner.  Unfortunately, the cat who is supposed to give you your orders has swallowed them for safekeeping and can't seem to hack them back up...  And this is just the first problem you have to solve during this hilarious cartoon-style adventure game.

Has some great side-games, which happily are NOT required to be completed to finish the game, and only add to the fun, instead of being barriers to those whose reflexes are not as good as their intellect.  Decent graphics for the time, and give no real worries about missing important objects due to them looking like little more than blobs.  Should run on any machine with the help of ScummVM.

I very much doubt that it is for sale anywhere anymore, though you may find it used.

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