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A Great Grand Piano!

Life is like a piano.  What you get out of it depends on how you play it.

- Tom Lehrer

Life - in Three Brand New Colours

These German-made pianos are probably some of the nicest I've ever seen.

Schimmel Grand Piano-Pegasus CC 208 P
Design: Prof. Luigi Colani

Locks: Most Schimmel grands and selected upright models are provided with locks.  If the key is lost, a replacement can be obtained either from your authorized Schimmel dealer or directly from the factory.

Soft close fallboard: Some Schimmel grand and some upright models are provided with a hydraulic brake, which holds the fallboard in its open position (grands only) and prevents it from slamming shut when it is being closed (grands and uprights).

Schimmel CC 213 G Transparent
Nikolaus W Schimmel

The top of a Schimmel grand can be set at three different angles:  Most Schimmel upright models have short top supports which permit the front half of the top to be set open a few centimeters.   With the Schimmel concert uprights O 132 and S 125, the entire top assembly can also be raised like a grand top and set at two different angles.

The right pedal: Referred to as the sustaining pedal, it lifts all the dampers at once, permitting all the strings to vibrate freely.

The left pedal:  Referred to as the una corda pedal in grands and the soft pedal in uprights, it differs in function in the two types of piano.  In a grand, it causes the keyboard to slide slightly to the right, so that most of the hammers strike only two strings rather than three.  In an upright, it moves the hammer-rest rail slightly forward, shortening the hammer-blow distance.  In both cases, a slightly softer sound results.

The middle pedal: Activates the sostenuto mechanism in a grand and the muffler rail in uprights other than the Schimmel Silent Piano™.  With the latter, it activates the silent function.  The function of the sostenuto mechanism in a grand is to sustain only selected notes.   All dampers which are raised when the sostenuto pedal is depressed remain in their up position until the latter is released, while all other dampers are free to drop back to their rest position on the string(s).

The Schimmel Silent Piano  is basically a traditional upright piano, with a sound-producing portion and a keyboard-and-action assembly of conventional design and construction, offering natural piano sound in all its variations.  In addition, it is provided with a built-in electronic digital piano, which permits silent playing or practicing at any time of the day or night.  Depressing the middle pedal activates the silent function, in which a hammer-shank stop rail prevents the hammers from striking the strings.  The digital piano can be heard either through headphones or loudspeakers.

Schimmel Grand Piano-Art Edition
Design: Otmar Alt

Suitable Room Climate: Your Schimmel piano feels most comfortable in a climate in which you feel comfortable.  An unsuitable location, frequent drafts, sudden temperature changes and particularly extreme variations or extremes in the relative humidity of the air can result in considerable damage and shorten the life of your instrument.

A Stable Room Climate

bulletImproves the tuning stability.
bulletPrevents negative influences on the playability.
bulletMinimizes changes in the soundboard crown.
bulletIs easy on the wooden components of the sound-producing portion.
bulletIncreases the life expectancy of your piano.
bulletAvoids unnecessary service and repair costs.

Life-Saver System: The Dampp-Chaser Piano Life-Saver SystemTM has proven itself many thousands of times over in the US.  By means of continuous alternate dehumidifying and humidifying, the system reduces fluctuations in relative humidity affecting the sensitive areas of the piano (soundboard, keyboard, action, playability, tuning stability) to within a range of 40 to 60%, thus reducing fluctuations in the moisture content of the wooden and felt components.  For more detailed information consult the website or your Schimmel dealer.

Source: I took everything off theSchimmel website.  There is lots more stuff there (how to take care of your piano and where to find dealers), and more pianos, too.   They don't tell you how much the pianos cost - but in other places I saw that they could be pricey.   But worth every penny, I'm sure...

Musical Pi

The first 10,000 digits of pi are converted into a musical sequence.  You can select C, A G, or F Major or 10 randomised notes which will produce a different "tune" each time.  It is surprising that there is a recognisable pattern to a non-repeating number.

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