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What I Think about Music

Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable.

- Samuel Johnson

I like it!

Music, my favourite page.  This is probably a good thing as I am studying to be a musician (as well as studying 3D digital design), and I play guitar.  If you'd like to hear me play, press this button:

However, I mainly play classical guitar.  If you'd like to hear me play something classical (warning: the mp3 file is about 1 meg!) then click here.   And for an essay I wrote on how to buy a classical guitar,  click here.  (I've only bought one, but this is the way it seemed to me.)

(Note:  The above recordings were made almost three years ago.  I believe I have improved quite a bit since then and will make more recordings to replace those eventually.  Unfortunately, I don't like microphones very much and I gave my micer to one of my guitar instructors, so it may be a while.)

I also compose a little.  Here's a midi file of a piece I wrote:

The artists that I like (some classical some not) are (not in any particular order):

bullet"Weird Al" Yankovic
bullet(if they had any albums out) My guitar teachers, Andrew Edwards (in NZ) and Mike Jarrette-Kenny (in NJ)
bulletSeth Austin
bulletDavid Wilcox
bulletJ S Bach
bulletWolfgang Mozart
bulletLudwig von Beethoven
bulletFernando Sor
bulletIsaac Albeniz
bulletMatteo Carcassi
bulletFrancisco Tárrega
bulletHeitor Villa-Lobos
bulletLeo Brouwer
bulletPink Floyd

I may think of more later.

In my opinion, music is very important: it can effect our mood, our feelings, at times our opinions.  It also, when truely listened to, stimulates the brain.

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